openLARK - Linux Advanced Resources and Knowledge

This is just a static blog generated using Jekyll, where I write my Linux experiences, in the form of Linux Advanced Resources and Knowledge. Most of them will cover CentOS Linux and Debian GNU/Linux.

The ARKitect

My name is Alexandru Calcatinge and I am an architect driven by the Free and Open Source Software philosophy. I am passionate about Linux System Administration, Docker containers, Kubernetes and OpenStack.

Something about me

  • I started using Linux back in 2007.
  • My first distribution was SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop that came preinstalled on a HP notebook.
  • I used to be passionate about SUSE until I started using CentOS and Fedora.
  • I don’t really know why there is all that fuzz around Ubuntu and Mint….
  • On my servers I use CentOS.
  • On my workstations I use CentOS and Fedora.
  • I also use Debian on some test machines.

Linux training

  • Linux Academy Red Hat Certified Systems Administrator Prep Course - RHEL7/CentOS7 - Udemy
  • Linux Administration Bootcamp - Udemy - Jason Cannon (2018)
  • Beginning CentOS7 Administration - Packt - Oliver Pelz (2017)
  • Fundamentals of Linux - Packt - Oliver Pelz (2017)
  • Fundamentals of Unix and Linux System Administration - Eduonix (2017)
  • Linux Foundation Essentials of Linux System Administration (LFS201) - year 2018 (CentOS7)
  • Linux Administration (Basic & Server) - oct 2016 - march 2017 at Crystal Mind Academy
  • Linux Foundation Essentials of Linux System Administration (LFS201) - year 2016 (openSUSE)
  • LFS101x.2: Introduction to Linux - year 2015 - Linux Foundation & EdX


  • Linux Academy Red Hat Certified Systems Administrator Prep Course - license UC-CUW2R9SR - see certificate
  • Udemy Linux Administration Bootcamp - license UC-TG13KAOR - see certificate
  • Crystal Mind Academy - Linux Administration (Basic & Server): license CMAF42E9A - see certificate
  • edX Honor Code Certificate for Introduction to Linux - see certificate

Programming background

Prior to my architecture studies, I was a computer science student back in High School, when I learned programming in FoxPro, Pascal, C/C++ and Basic. Yes, I am that old…
Now I am passionate about Python, Django, C/C++, Qt, HTML/CSS, PHP and Bash.
I am also passionate about Drupal, as I find it the best CMS out there.

Current professional activities

  • Linux trainer at Crystal Mind Academy
  • Lecturer at the University of Architecture and Urban Planning in Bucharest

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