What others say about openLARK…

Julian Balog, Principal Software Engineer, F5 Networks, Seattle, USA

I always thought about the Open Source software movement as a brave and noble effort. OpenLark appears to be a rare gem, rooted in the virtues of Open Source, with focus on practical wisdom and hands-on knowledge, in a great variety of modern day tools and technologies: Linux, cloud infrastructures, OpenStack, Docker, embedded systems, networks and security, etc. Great credit to Alex to kickstart OpenLark! Keep the spirit and happy coding!

Carabas Costel, CEO, Cos Software Solutions, Sibiu, Romania

Even tough the nature of our work sometimes implies using commercial software, we’ve always appreciated the dedication and effort of the Open Source movement. And in this perspective we welcome and praise the birth of OpenLark.com, the offspring of a truly passionate and devoted man. Alex is a real Open Source advocate, who convinced even the inconvincible to give Linux a try, is always focused on pragmatic solutions, a true problem solver that never rests from learning. He’s our real recommendation for Linux Server Administration.

Pocan Sergiu, Business Analyst, Ariane Systems, Paris, France

Alex is a brilliant brain and an excellent problem solver. He has a keen eye for detail and spotting issues that might occur later down the road (think scaling up a solution). It is always a pleasure to confer with him and get his advice as his knowledge seems to know no bounds. I’m confident he will have great success in this endeavor and I wish him all the best!

Andrei Dumitrescu, Linux Trainer at Crystal Mind Academy, Bucharest, Romania

As Linux Senior Trainer within Crystal Mind Academy I was impressed by Alexandru Calcatinge’s willingness to study in real depth complex subjects, to know more and more and to bring his own contribution to the Open Source world. I could definitely say that Alexandru was one of our best students and a subject of motivation for us all; Alexandru, I wish you lots of luck!

Mircea Musan, Lecturer at “Lucian Blaga” University of Sibiu, Romania

Alex is a good colleague and friend. I know more the didactic side than the technical one. About didactic side, without being flattered, I can say he excels. I know he is concerned about everything IT means, especially work and development under Linux. I congratulate him for his passion.